Help Me Remember

i woke up to a blinding light in my eyes.

what happened last night?

i stretch my arms but i feel someone lying next to me when i stretch them out. i look over to see the most gorgeous guy i have ever seen, naked, in my bed. we were both naked. he had dirty blonde hair with brown in it. i vaguely remembered meeting him last night but i don’t remember anything else that happened. i don’t even remember bringing him home. i got up and immediately felt dizzy. i had a huge hangover. i put on an oversized t-shirt and walked into the kitchen and got a glass of water and some Advil for my headache. i walked back into the bedroom and saw that the boy was awake. he had the most beautiful sea blue eyes i have ever seen.

“oh, hey, you’re awake.”

“yeah, hey.” he had a thick irish accent.

“i um, i don’t really remember anything from last night, um i’m y/n.”

“wow, um yeah you had a lot to drink. i’m niall.” i smile. i like that name.  

“hi niall. we uh … right?”

“yeah, it was pretty great. or at least i thought so. i guess not if you can’t even remember it.” he says laughing. i laugh along.

“oh trust me, with this hangover i don’t think i would remember anything. in fact, i don’t remember anything. i barely even remember meeting you. how about you help me remember?”

“well,” he smirks “how about instead of telling you,  i show you what happened last night?”

what did he mean? he got up and walked over to me and pressed his lips to mine. he tasted slightly of vodka. i guess it hadn’t worn off from last night. he picked me up and threw me on the bed. he reached down and pulled the t-shirt over my head. he immediately started sucking and massaging my breasts. he nibbled slightly on my nipples sending waves of pleasure through my body. i reached down and started stroking his length, letting out a moan. i stroked up and down and started getting faster. he stopped massaging my breasts and started groaning.

“don’t tease babe.”

i slid down and took him in my mouth. wasting no time, i started bobbing my head up and down. he grabbed my hair and guided me, shoving him deeper until he hit the back of my throat. i reached around and started squeezing his bum and his balls. i felt him twitch inside my mouth so i stopped.

“oh, you’re going to pay for that love.”

he jammed three fingers into me and started pumping them in and out while using his thumb to massage my clit. i started moaning like crazy.  

“oh, god, niall, don’t stop.”

and then, he stopped. and i groan. he smirks and then shoves his tongue into me. he starts swirling it around. i feel myself come close again until he stops … again.

“what the fuck?” i groan. he smirks and reached up to kiss me.

he positions himself at my entrance and slowly pushes himself in, inch by inch. then, he gradually picks up his pace until he his pumping in and out and slamming the headboard into the wall. he grabs my hips as i start thrusting them up into him to get him further into me. all you can hear is the sound of our skin slapping together and our moans and groans and pants.

“ugh, keep going niall.”

he then flips over so i’m on top of him, riding him. at first i just rise up and then slam back down onto him but after a while i start moving my hips in a circular motion.

i feel my walls clench up and niall and i both climax at the same time. i roll off of him and sigh.

“oh we’re not done yet.” he says smirking. he pulls me up onto my knees, turns me around and slams into me from the back.

he starts pounding into me from behind and reaches around to massage my breasts. every now and then he squeezes and twists my nipples.

“don’t stop. ugh. niall.” my moans are filling the room. he moves his hands down and uses them to hold onto my waist.

he starts slamming into me harder and faster.

then, he moves his right hand from my hip and uses it to start rubbing my clit.

he starts rubbing it in a circular motion.

he releases his grip on my left hip and i fall to my hands, weak from before. i’m now on all fours with him pounding into me from behind.

“ugh, y/n.”

our moans start to fill the room again.

niall pulls out and flips me onto my back again just to slam himself into me once more. he mercilessly pounds into me. i feel his hipbones slam into mine over and over.

i grab his ass and push him into me. i feel my walls tighten around his dick. as i start to climax i feel my body start to shake. each time he thrusts into me he hits my g-spot.

we rode out our highs together and his fluids spilled inside of me as he let out one last moan.

“ugh, niall.”

“so, did i help you remember?” he says smirking.

two can play that game.

“uh no, i’m still a little hazy. you may need to remind me of what happened once more.”

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